Our company Food Elite Cats Dogs since 2014 and the day it launched its services in sales and has organized food sales in an active way since then. The first decision point in the production process, we take all cat,dog foods and Dog Treat has examined the R & D performing animal nutrition vitamin studies in Europe and the mobilization of all technological facilities are provided to the health point. In the first 3 months after production started, especially when many have already made their point of sales transactions in Turkey and has continued to grow rapidly during this period as well. Our company all staff assigned on site and the people who have been trained experts in this subject area. Therefore, continuous research and development activities are continuing in a selfless manner such compliance. Elite Food quality food meant to be the biggest site address. Today we have brought up our brand has made great strides towards a little more with each passing day due to the growth of a completely natural formula. Adana, we can provide our service to perform approximately 1500 M2 production area and therefore the tone you want in the context of food production and sale if you want to lose weight. Our goal is to bring our brand to people looking for the best and highest quality every time.

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